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(english below)

アレックス エインビンダー(Alex Einbinder)はロシアのレニングラードに1979年に生まれ、現在は日本に移り住み東京で14年在住。


エルサレムに移住後、Charles E. Smith Jerusalem High School for the Artsにてファインアート科を卒業。 その後アレックスの人生経路は音楽プロダクション方面に移行していくにも関わらず、過去数年でビジュアル、ミックスメディアアーティストとして再び頭角を現したのち、主に地方での多数の展示会参加、国際的なショーの数々、オンラインギャラリーを通じプライベートコレクションの為、作品の販売も多数。


Alex Einbinder was born in 1979 in Leningrad, Russia ,Currently residing in Japan, Tokyo for the last 14 years.

Alex has grown in an artist family and followed his fathers footsteps into the creative world.

After immigrating to Jerusalem he graduated from Charles E. Smith Jerusalem High School for the Arts , Fine arts department.

Although his life path took him to the music production side , in the past few years he is re-emerging as visual and mixed media artist , since then he participated in multiple local exhibitions, international shows, online galleries and sold some works to private collections.

The influences he encountered while immigrating and settling in multiple countries and the wide array of interests he absorbed musically and visually, provides his art works with a unique angle of perspective
Early influences are Paul Klee,Wassily Kandinsky,Piet Mondrian amongs others