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Growing up in Russia ,Germany and Israel, Alex Einz has been exposed to many sub-genres of Experimental and Electronic music from a very early age.The main inspirations are somewhere between Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd and Duran Duran to the industrial music such Einsturzende Neubauten, Ministry ,KMFDM to TOOL and similar bands. Later was introduced to Techno music at underground events and was hooked ever since.

As a DJ and producer , he has been able to fuse together these influences and push his very own take on electronica by constantly pushing the boundaries within a club environment with his deep techno experimental grooves keeping true to his musical orientation. Moving to Asia and having guest DJ’ed throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for many years he is now heavily involved in the Tokyo club scene with his clubnight “Phonika” which aims to consistently forge the paths of house and techno in Tokyo with a healthy mix of Japanese and international DJs.

He has performed guest slots at Tres Vibes, Gelmannika,IN:Flame,Real Grooves,Redbox,B Legends,Clash ,Revogue and many other events at top Japanese clubs such as Ageha,Womb,Unit,Air ,Asia and Warehouse702 supporting artists such as Dave Clarke | Black Asteroid | Edit Select | Drumcell | Fumiya Tanaka | Argy | Alex Smoke | Mike Shannon | DOP | Oliver Ho | Apparat | Stereo mcs | Audion | Derrick May | Francois K | Funk d`void | Salmon | Michel Cleis | Samuel L Sessions | Bodycode aka Portable | Dyed Soundorom and many others

As a producer, he has released on multiple labels but in early 2010 decided to concentrate on his record label “Mono Basics” which is a Techno / Experimental dark music oriented boutique label .

ロシアとドイツで育ったAlex Einzは、幼少期からエレクトロニカの様々なジャンルに触れ育ってきた。当時アンダーグラウンドレイヴシーンが盛んだったことから、Alexは808 State、Kraftwerk、初期のDepeche Mode、Aphex Twinなどのアーティストから刺激を受ける。



AlexはゲストDJとしてTres Vibes, Gelmannika,IN:Flame,Real Grooves,Redbox,B Legends,Clash ,Revogueなど数多くのイベントに 出演。日本トップのAgeha,Womb,Unit,Air,AsiaやWarehouse702といったクラブにてArgy / Alex Smoke / Mike Shannon / DOP /Oliver Ho / Apparat / Stereo mcs / Mountain People / Derrick May / Funk d`void / Michel Cleis/ Samuel L Sessions / Bodycode aka Portable & Dyed SoundoromなどのDJと共演を果たす。

Alex EinzのアンダーグラウンドシーンのDJ、サポートとしての活躍はイスラエル在住早期より続くものである。彼はテクノミュージックの経験を活かし、現在も音楽的・技術的にもリスペクトされる エレクトロニックミュージックアーティストとして、常に新たなテクノロジーを融合させながら個性的でエクスペリメンタルなパフォーマンスを行っている。

プロデューサーとしてAlexは多数のレーベルよりリリースを行うが、2010年初期に自身のレコードレーベル”Mono Basics”に集中することを決める。これは日本人アーティストに焦点を定めたレコード専門レーベルである。

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